Calligraphy is decorative hand written lettering with a pen or brush. Many couples use calligraphy wedding invitations, it is a fantastic idea. They make for very beautiful invitations. If you are considering calligraphy wedding invitations you should read this guide. What we have written here should help you learn all about calligraphy and understand what style you want for your invitations. If you follow this guide you will have all the information necessary to decide on calligraphy invitations.

should have a degree or certificate in the arts. They should be able to also produce a list of references. They should also let you view their portfolios. It is very important that you see some of the work that they have done in the past. Quality comes with experience. You want to hire an experienced calligrapher. Pay attention to the shape, stroke, spacing, and their eye for detail. Once you have chosen a calligrapher call and inquire about prices. To get an accurate quote be sure you include the date of your wedding and guests expected, as well as the services you wish to obtain.

Figure out the style of calligraphy you love the most. Your calligrapher can help you determine a style. They should give you examples of scripts to choose from. Be careful when choosing a calligraphy style. You want to make sure that it is beautiful, but also legible for your guests. You will need to also determine what color invitations, what color font, what your envelopes will look like, stamping, and whatever any additional details you have in mind. Feel free to ask for examples as you go along.

A calligrapher may require that you sign contracts and provide a down payment. This is normal. Just make sure that you look over every detail and if you are agreeable, sign on the dotted line.

Choosing calligraphy invitations for your wedding is a wonderful idea. Calligraphy is a beautiful form of art. And it makes for magnificent, stunning invitations. Get ready to make a statement to all of your special guests.