Finding and hiring a band for your wedding is a real process. We should warn you up front that to do it right, it is going to take some time. There are many considerations and so many options in the Atlanta area that you will only be satisfied if you make sure you let the process play out and don't just jump at one of the first groups you hear. If you are looking for advice on how to choose a wedding band, you have come to the right place.

Our first piece of advice is to start as early as possible. A really good band may have to booked as early as 12 months in advance. Style is something you really want to take seriously. There sometimes can be a bit of a fight between your favorite style and what you feel your guests will like. But more than likely, if there is a wide range of backgrounds at your wedding reception, you can feel fairly comfortable if you hire a band that can play a wide range of music.

Another issue you want to decide is what part you would like the band to play. Are they going to be background music or more frontliners who control many of the activities? You want to think long and hard about this because it is extremely important. Research any band you have interest in and ask them for referrals. Ask other wedding vendors if they have ever worked with them and what their experience has been. Try to see them at an actual wedding if possible. If you get a chance to do this, pay attention to the atmosphere they create, how they handle the crowd, and to their overall appearance and presentation.

Another thing you will want to have a long talk with candidates about is song selection and when certain songs are played. A really good band knows not only what to play, but when to play it. This all pertains to mood and setting and is very important. Make sure the band is open to playing songs that are important to you. Do they take breaks? During breaks, will they still provide music, albeit recorded? Talk to them about how they will include dancing music and how they intend to get the crowd out on the dance floor.

Once you have settled on a band that you feel comfortable with and who can provide for you what you are looking for, get all of the details in writing. Make sure that your specific needs and wants are addressed in black and white, you don't want to sign just a general contract. It should be tailored to you and your wedding. A great wedding band is all about taking the celebration to a new level and realizes that everyone is there because of your special day. And they take their role on your wedding day very, very seriously. And their role is to make it that much more special.

Our Favorite Selections

Are you looking for some wedding music that focuses on having a great time? Whenever a couple comes to us with a request for a groovy wedding band, we always send them to Atlanta Groove Factory. This wedding band in Atlanta truly has a special knack for energizing any party with their amazing music! They custom tailor their song list to your event specifically, and they continuously keep the crowd engaged in the fun throughout the entire night. If you need more than what is offered, they can offer extra time, DJ services, pianists for dinner music, as well as talented trios for cocktail music for a discounted rate. Click the picture on the left to visit their website! Another great band to consider when you're looking for a professional band who knows how to ensure everybody is having fun is Atlanta Rhythm & Groove. We've only heard rave reviews about this wedding band!